Interior Design
Interior Design is one of the fastest growing field due to the dynamic growth and change in living style. As per today's trend most of us are inclined to live and adjust to the modern world. Today we all live, spend time, work in interiors.
The emphasis today in on utilisation of living and working place in the best way. However there is an acute shortage of trained technical manpower in interior Design who are able to translate dreams into reality for themselves, as well as for other.
Interior Design is one of the profession which has created demand in recent Years. The Growth of consumerism, wide exposure to quality, awareness and expectation standards has made the people to think more individually on the cost and money spent.
Today, when we talk or think of our own houses or offices, whether in planning utilization of place, arrangement of interiors, selection of colour or paint, tiles or marbles, flooring material, buying furniture, upholstery, curtains, furnishing materials, electrical lighting fitting, it should be of interest to everyone. Interior Design is not only an art, but it is a science of creativity. an Interior Design covers the operation from conceptualizing to completion of the design.
Interior Design involves basic planning, space planing, functional design, selection and spcification of Interior furnishing and furniture, colour schemes, cost estimation and implementation.